Latin Grammy nominations include Bling Divas’ Showgirls

Sep 29th


It was the 14th Annual Latin Grammy Press Conference – to announce the 2013 nominees for excellence in music. And early morning conference which started at 7am. Our showgirls were booked by the Latin Grammy’s themselves to add a bit of flair since the Grammy’s show will be taking place in Las Vegas on November 21. They asked for glitzy red, and as usual, Bling Divas Entertainment delivered! Always offering the very best in talent and costumes for not just corporate event entertainment, but also Hollywood’s red carpet events, like this one! The girls were a hit as they entered the stage and remained on it for the entire 30 minute announcement segment. One by one artists were introduced to come on stage to announce the nominees in seven different categories. Among them was the ever-lovely, Natalie Cole who recorded a Spanish language album and just today was among the nominees in some very  big categories: ALBUM OF THE YEAR, RECORD OF THE YEAR and BEST TRADITIONAL POP VOCAL ALBUM.

A fun little connection between Bling Divas and Natalie Cole is that this is the second event that Ms Cole attended for which the Bling Divas gals were booked! The first one a few months back this year when Bling Divas Entertainment’s SUGAR DOLLZ cigarette girls were hired for the NARM (The music business association) event. In fact, when owner, Tatiana Turan mentioned it to Ms. Cole, she remembered them!

It was a treat to be a part of another high-profile Hollywood event. We had tons of cameras on us and ended up on several Spanish news shows. What they were saying to or about us, is still unbeknownst to us, as it was mainly in Spanish. However, judging from the many thumbs up from photographers, reporters and artists, we think we definitely did what we were hired to do – spice up the early, early morning announcements!


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