Pin-Up Girls by Bling Divas at Queen Mary for July 4

Jul 8th


Independence, fireworks, and BLING on a romantic, historic ship. What more could a girl want?!! That’s exactly what our Pin-Up Showgirls got this past weekend while performing on board one of our national treasures, The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. It was a July 4 with blue skies and nice ocean breezes on board the almost 80 year old ship.

Built in Scotland starting in 1930, the Queen Mary took to the waters for the first time from England in 1936. Known as the grandest ocean liner in the world of its time, The QM boasted royal & celebrity passengers alike, on a regular basis.

Once WWII began, the ship was transformed into a troopship and carried as many 16, 000 troops at 30 knots. At the end of the war, the ship known for its luxurious amenities and beauty was restored back to its original form and started setting sail again in July of 1947, and continued to do so for the next 20 years.

In December of 1967, the QM took its final cruise and landed in Long Beach, CA where she has resided ever since. The ship is now a floating hotel, Attraction and Event & Wedding Venue. AND with all of its rich history, the perfect location to celebrate America!!

Bling Divas Entertainment, known for it’s extraordinary productions, was booked to entertain the guests and attendees throughout the day in various parts of the ship. We performed seven times spanning three decades – the 20s, the 30s and of course the 40s ~ USO style! Attendees enjoyed a little happy Charleston, a little sexy cabaret and to top it all off a patriotic 40s show! We could not have asked for a better setting and more poignant way to entertain our fellow Americans! It felt perfect. “Performing on the historic Queen Mary was a very exhilarating way to spend my Fourth of July!” said Angela, one of our BDE showgirls. “I felt like I was getting a real dose of how special America’s history is”.

During one of our 40s USO sets, we brought up a retired serviceman, and it meant so much more then bringing up just any male audience member. Especially on the day we were celebrating our country’s independence and with someone who helped us get that. It was truly special.

And for one of our showgirls, Jessica, it was a very special place on a more personal level, “In 1947, my Grandmother came to America from England aboard the Queen Mary, having newly married an American Soldier.  It meant the world to me to be able to perform with Bling Divas Entertainment on that same ship 67 years later!  The Queen Mary has always held a special place in my heart, and this experience will live with me forever.”

We couldn’t have said it better! It was a wonderful experience to be dancing our hearts out on a special day, on such a special ship rich with so much wonderful American history!

Red, white & blue.


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