Latin Ballroom

Ballroom dancing has fast become one of America’s favorite things to watch. With shows like Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance making the dance more accessible to everyone, ballroom style dancing is now a favorite for events. Our professionally trained dancers, many of whom have won championship titles in the world of ballroom, will dazzle and delight your guests. Glitzy costumes, heart pumping music and dynamic choreography will help make your party a huge success! Whether you want one couple to do a few numbers throughout the event or a few couples to do several different styles – from Latin to the more traditional, Fox Trot or Waltz, Bling Divas Entertainment’s Ballroom Bliss show will impress you!

We also offer a competition style event for which our dancers can teach a few of your selected guests a quick short routine to perform at your event! It’s a fun interactive way to give your party a thrill. We can also offer short, easy instruction to all of your guests so they learn the basics of many of the styles.